Saturday, March 07, 2009


The score of DINO's incredible sound can only be found in the assembly
of hardware materials - the systematic recycling of the sparks and hisses
emanating from the inside of his broken circuit. Working without the
typical sound source configuration of electronic music, Dino succeeds to build
the territory of his music through a system of repetitive sound motifs.
However delicately, the work of this interior circuit-building turns itself
inside out to reveal the present status of outer Taipei , land removed
from the political map of the rest of the world.

To distinguish a closed circuit from an open one is essentially a
philosophical problem - in the extreme sense, A alternating current may
never exist in closed form. As such, Dino is not removed from the
karma of making monthly electricity payments, when the interior
recycling is threatened by the expense of electricity, the music
becomes accordingly HARDCORE.

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